10 Movies With Great Concepts That Wasted Their Potential

Sometimes movies are frustrating. I don’t mind watching the occasional rubbish film, because it happens. But what I don’t enjoy is sitting through a film and not enjoying it, knowing it had the potential to be amazing. It’s clear that some people had their creative juices flowing when thinking of these concepts, but ran out when it came to creating the actual movie. Here is ten examples of movies with fantastic concepts that failed to live up to them.

The Purge


Although the concept of the Purge isn’t realistic, it’s inception is beyond fascinating. You can really imagine yourself in the shoes of the people of the movie imagining what you would do if this fantasy really existed. The concept of the Purge is very good and completely unique.

But the first movie failed to capture the imagination. Why? Because there is hardly any purging! The film is centred around a home invasion not the slaughterings that it should be centred around and it ruined the originality of the concept. It completely took the horror out the movie and instead made it more of a not so thrilling thriller.

The Purge only ranks at 10 on this list as the franchise has since corrected this mistake and in the past two films we have seen a lot more action of the streets and actual Purging.



Hancock was a good idea, it’s very rare that we see an anti-hero have their own film and it’s very rare to see a not so clean hero get their own superhero movie. The movie started off so strong and was solid for it’s first hour or so, however the movie fell flat and completely off the pace for the last act of the movie.

If the first hour was it’s own movie it would’ve been just fine. But if the last hour was the sequel then it would have been crap. The execution of the final act ruined what could’ve been a unique superhero movie and perhaps could have seen many more sequels.

The casting and acting was good, but you expect that from someone like Will Smith. The visuals were relatively impressive too. But all in all it wasn’t very good and didn’t live up to the hype of it’s concept and it’s first hour. Deadpool has now shown us how an anti-hero movie works.

12 Rounds


You can hardly expect a Hollywood Blockbuster from the WWE studios. Especially one where its John Cena vs Littlefinger from Game of Thrones. But the concept of 12 Rounds is actually really sound. It’s nothing totally original, you can argue they’ve taken inspiration from places and made the film their own. The execution is what is frustrating.

12 Rounds focuses largely on it’s action and not the thrilling and suspense aspects that could have made this movie so special. Only a few little touches here and there could have made this movie one to remember, instead it’s forgotten about like every project from WWE studios.



“Aimless David Rice has the ability to instantly transport himself to any place he can imagine. He uses that gift to globe-trot, living on money he steals by “jumping” into bank vaults. He’s captured by the evil Roland Cox , who knows how to keep David from jumping. David escapes and reunites with his high school crush, Millie, then forms an alliance with fellow jumper Griffin and prepares for mortal combat with Cox.”

Jumper is a great concept but the movie fails to build on it’s premise. There are some action sequences that may keep you entertained, but besides that the film is incredibly flat. Jumping from place to place being chased by some guy hellbent in capturing you should have been exciting and we should have been on our toes watching it. However, it wasn’t exciting and all we really got was a Geography tour.

The movie could have been great and started a sci-fi franchise for teens and young adults. However, Jumper is now a film you may have never heard of.

Sucker Punch


The film is all about a young woman trying to escape a mental asylum and the adventures of her fantasies as she intends to escape alongside her four female allies.

The visuals of this film were at times impressive even if they were like a video game. However, one of the main issues of this film was that it should have done a lot for feminism and female empowerment. Females kicking ass and all that jazz. Instead it exploited woman and at times was like soft porn, with the girls looking like they’d just come off set from a bondage movie.

The film strayed away from what it could have been and ended up being a boring, borderline sexist film. If Tarantino was in charge and made the film the way he made ‘Kill Bill’ then Sucker Punch could have been a classic.

The Invention Of Lying


The concept here is simple, it’s in the title of the film. The Invention Of Lying should have been more about lying though and didn’t stick to the core of the film. The movie should’ve been about exploitation, but instead there really wasn’t that many lies and the movie turned into a love story.

The film was still funny at times but it was a clever concept ruined by the fact that Gervais didn’t stick to it.

In Time


The idea of having time as a currency in a futuristic world was as unique as it was innovative. In this world, people stop ageing at 25. Once they turn 25, they only have one year to live, unless they find a way to get more time.

The concept is intriguing, but the movie failed to live up to the viewers intrigue. The movie was spoiled by it’s poor back story, poor acting and poor writing. Timberlake is much more suited to his role in ‘Friends With Benefits’ in a romantic comedy, compared to his role here as tough guy from the streets. Not even Cillian Murphy could revive this one.

The Butterfly Effect


‘College student Evan Treborn is afflicted with headaches so painful that he frequently blacks out. While unconscious, Evan is able to travel back in time to difficult moments in his childhood. He can also alter the past for friends, like Kayleigh, who was molested by her father. But changing the past can drastically alter the present, and Evan finds himself in nightmarish alternate realities, including one where he’s locked away in prison.’

The idea for the film is so simple yet complex at the same time. The aspects of time travel and decision making to alter the future where Evan has to live with his decisions should have been enthralling. “This movie is not just pretentious twaddle; it is inept and pretentious twaddle, not even worth a ‘so bad it’s good’ video rental.” Nell Minow. Although some find this to be a good film, it certainly isn’t as good as it should have been.

The Happening


The Happening has quite a cool premise, at the start. The movie starts with people mysteriously killing themselves. It’s spooky and has you wondering what is causing everyone to commit suicide. You are also wondering how long it is till the main actors of the film get caught with this mysterious virus.

Then it gets silly. The thought of people killing themselves in such gruesome ways was terrifying. Then we found out what was causing it. Nature. Humans had become a threat to the planet, so the plants were fighting back and the wind would spread a toxin created by plants that would cause people to kill themselves. This awful twist ruined would could have been a great movie.

Suicide Squad

maxresdefault (1).jpg

The most impressive thing about Suicide Squad is how they managed to take such an amazing concept and ruin it.

The storyline is a mess, trying to keep up with the storyline as it’s pulled in multiple directions is like trying to keep up with a moving train. It seemed as though the writers focused far too much on the love story of the Joker and Harley Quinn rather than the plot of the movie.

Instead of creating fearful characters the movie was rather cheesy. This wasn’t helped by the overuse of music, it seemed as though they were trying to copy Guardians of the Galaxy on that one, but failed miserably.

The concept of Suicide Squad is amazing, we’ve never seen a team of villains join forces before. We could have seen an evil version of the Avengers, a dark and gritty version, but a version nonetheless. Instead, we were given this shambles of a film. When Marvel do their own version, the ‘Sinister Six’, lets hope they do it right.




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