Glastonbury: Ed Sheeran And His Loop Pedal

Last night Ed Sheeran closed Glastonbury 2017 with a phenomenal performance, which showed just how talented the star from Suffolk is. In what was supposed to be the defining moment of his career and his biggest concert to date, Sheeran found himself having to defend his performance.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 15.34.24.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 15.36.02.png

It seems as though some watching Ed Sheeran for the first time were completely unaware of how a loop station works. They jumped the gun and accused Ed of using backing tracks, pointing out that when he would stop playing his guitar there was still a tune playing in the background.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 15.27.11

The device allows Ed to play and record, they play back what he has just recorded, allowing him to then play another beat if needed, thus allowing him to be a one man band. These layered soundscapes make sure Ed can perform his songs just like you hear them on the radio.

It’s sad that people would accuse Sheeran of this and belittle an incredible solo performance because they haven’t fact checked. The back tracking he was accused of using was created right in front of them and they wouldn’t even appreciate it.

I understand that he is a unique performer and people maybe weren’t expecting his style. But his style is to be marveled at and not frowned upon. Every time I watch him live, his talent still blows me away.

The first time I saw Ed he referenced a couple from Canada that gave him his first ever complaint saying that he used a backing track. He then felt the need to show the crowd how his loop stations worked whilst the camera was panned down on it. I have seen Ed twice now and it is clear to see everything you see is being played live.


All Ed Sheeran needed last night was his guitar, his pedals and his angelic voice. He owned the Pyramid stage and controlled a crowd well over 100,000 all by himself. Something no one else has done before. The ignorant critics shouldn’t take away what a special performance Sheeran gave last night.

Some may have thought it would be boring seeing just one man and his guitar. But it’s anything but. He’s a natural performer who is just as entertaining as anyone. The atmosphere he created last night was truly special. If last night was your first taste of Ed Sheeran live, don’t let it be your last.





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