5 Hopes For Game Of Thrones Season 7

The latest trailer for the penultimate season of Game of Thrones was released today. Fans across the globe are licking their lips and rubbing their hands with excitement. With only two seasons left Game of Thrones is sure to get bigger and bolder and provide some shocking and satisfying moments that will leave a lasting legacy for the show. With that being said here are 5 things we want to see to make sure that happens!

  1. Arya to reunite with Jon and Sansa


    We have been through some major heartbreaks and shocking moments whilst indulging in GoT, but one that could pip them all would to have Arya die before she gets to see her brother and sister. Arya has become a lone wolf and has been moulded into one of the biggest bad asses on the show. They way she avenged Robb and Catelyn’s death was sickeningly brilliant. We would be starved of some glorious moments if we didn’t see the most popular Stark family members team up to rule the 7 kingdoms.

2. Jorah Mormont is cured of his greyscale


Mr Friend-Zoned has landed in a spot of bother and has greyscale forming along his arm. Mormont had a touching reunion Daenerys, where she told her loyal companion that he had to find a cure in order to help her win the battle for Westeros. The odds are currently against him but we are hoping he pulls through so we can see him fully reunited with Daenerys so they can rekindle their friendship and continue their journey to dominance.

3. More White Walkers


The suspense of the attack from the White Walkers has been building for some time now. Now I’m sure a major battle between the White Walkers and maybe Jon Snow or the whole kingdom is set for season 8, but in the meantime it would be good to see the White Walkers do more than just to scare Bran and his companions. More air time for the iced zombies is necessary to build up their brutality and daunting emergence. As they advance it would be good to have them do something significant, perhaps killing Bran. After all Winter is here.

4. Jon and Daenerys becoming allies


This is unlikely to happen, or is it? At the end of season 6 it was revealed that the two most popular characters in the show are in fact related. If the news spreads through the 7 kingdoms, there is a chance Jon and Daenerys could reach out to form alliance to take on their adversaries and rule Westeros. Imagine Daenerys dragon’s battling the White Walkers. Could they share the power? Lets just hope they don’t become romantically inclined, even though many are hoping they get together, there’s only so much incest we can take.

5. The Battle for the Iron Throne


Season 6 ended Daenerys sailing towards Westeros with her army and Dragon’s by her side, hinting war is ahead. A battle between Cersei and Daenerys at the end of the season would be a dream come true. An ending of Daenerys being sat upon the Iron Throne and Tyrion sparing Jamie’s life like he once did for him, would be perfect. Although, we may have to wait till the final season for something this magnificent.






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