Is Ronaldo Bluffing Or Is He Really Leaving Real Madrid?

It was announced earlier this week that Cristiano Ronaldo has expressed his desire to leave Real Madrid. It was a statement that sent shockwaves through the footballing world. The Portuguese superstar looked set to retire in Madrid before this week, after he signed a 5 year contract only last year. But it was announced he is unhappy after being accused of tax fraud.

Now the obvious assumption is that Ronaldo is using this as leverage to get Real Madrid’s support or to even get them to pay or sort out his outstanding tax, which is apparently 13 million Euros. Ronaldo could be threatening to leave Madrid so they are forced into a corner where they give into his demands, in order to make him stay. This seems like the most obvious scenario as the news came out at the same time the news came out about his tax avoidance scandal.


There has been some suggestion that Ronaldo has under appreciated in Madrid for a while now and that has recently been mentioned again. Fans have booed him for various reasons during the forwards time at Madrid. In 2012,  he refused to celebrate his 150th goal for Real citing professional issues as the cause, they were later resolved with a new contract. Perhaps he’s had enough this time and wants to return to a place were he is adored or move on to pastures new.

According to Sky sources Ronaldo is interested in a return to former club Manchester United. We have heard this before though, when David Moyes took charge of United he was told Ronaldo would be returning as his marquee signing. As we know this was just a ploy to get a new lucrative contract. Something Real Madrid team mate Sergio Ramos copied. This is likely a tactic Ronaldo and his agent Mendes are doing again, in order to get what they want. United won’t be a pawn in Mendes’ game for a second time though.

But what if he really did want to rejoin United? Firstly, Madrid have reportedly slapped a whopping £131 million price tag on the 32 year old. A price United shouldn’t pay. Ronaldo is perhaps the most prolific goal scorer in the game, but he hasn’t got much left at the very top of world football and his decline is likely to happen in the next 2-3 years. But the commercial value and star power he would bring, would quite possibly make up for that. He would quite possibly make up for that price tag off the pitch alone and he offers a much needed global presence after the departure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. But it’s still hard to say he’s worth £42 million more than the current most expensive player in the world at 32. And United certainly shouldn’t want De Gea to go as part of any deal, to lower that cost. But when a player like Ronaldo is available you never know.


But what about a move elsewhere? Well there have been links to LA Galaxy in the MLS and I can safely say that won’t be happening. Ronaldo has just won the League and Champions League with Real Madrid and he was the lead man in doing so. At the age of 32, he still has plenty more to give in Europe and won’t be moving to the less competitive MLS anytime soon. There have also been rumours of a move to PSG, it’s possible but unlikely. The announcement that came out the other day stated that Ronaldo ‘wanted a fresh challenge’. Something Paris could offer him that a return to Manchester couldn’t. A fresh start and a new place to challenge himself.

If Real Madrid’s record goal scorer leaves then it really will be the biggest transfer saga in recent memory. It will truly shake up the whole aspect of modern football. But I don’t think we will witness that, as I think the Portuguese phenom will be staying put in Madrid. He better just hope they don’t call his bluff.





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