Theresa May’s Disastrous Campaign And Where It All Went Wrong

Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap election on April 18th. She had a lead so large it seemed there was no way Jeremy Corbyn could ever get close to her, at the start of the election Corbyn was 33/1 to win whereas May to win was about 1/18. May wanted to strengthen her position ahead of the tough negotiations that will be the Brexit process. She failed miserably.


The main theme of May’s campaign was her ducking several interviews and face to face debates with Labour leader Corbyn. Every leader has likely done this at some point, but not as much as May. She disgracefully refused to go on woman’s hour and instead sent Amber Rudd, only days after Rudd’s father had past away. Channel 4’s Jon Snow said May is the first serving PM to decline an interview with him in the 7 General Elections he has worked on. However, she finally gave him one after his twitter post gathered a lot of heat towards May. Her refusal to do these interviews and debate Corbyn made her look weak and cowardly. To point the finger at Corbyn and call him weak whilst refusing to debate him made her look a fool. Turning up to these debates and doing a rubbish job would have been better than refusing the amount of interviews that she did.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 23.43.11.png

With that being said when she did appear on television and when questions were put to her, she looked like a rabbit in the headlights. She seemed uncomfortable and nervous, and failed to answer several questions that were put to her. When a young female gave her concerns about the NHS and more specifically Mental Health, May was stunned by her emotion and failed to answer. She once again showed she had no compassion and failed to make a human connection with potential supporters.

She has shown a lack of personality across these interviews as well. People can certainly engage with a leader more when they can relate with them. Recently she was asked ‘What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?’. Her answer was an excruciating watch. Her reply was ‘when I used to run through fields of wheat as a child’. Just another display of her poor communication skills and lack of personality.

Another dark cloud looming over May’s head was her support of fox hunting and grammar schools which was revealed during her campaign. She announced she would hold a vote on the fox hunting ban. Something so inhumane and unpopular that 84% of people support the ban. Thats 84% of people that will disagree with May. Therefore, this coming out now hurt May drastically, making her look evil and a non supporter of animal rights. An issue that would have lost her many votes.

Then there has been her ability to condemn President Donald Trump. I appreciate the good relationship between the two and the need to maintain it. However, Trump isn’t your ordinary President. For starters May refused to condemn Trumps’ muslim ban, which was disgusting and extremely immoral (This was before the election started but has to be noted as she has been a serial offender with her failure to criticise Trump). Trump criticised London Mayor Sadiq Khan in a series of tweets. When May was asked her reply was that she ‘thought Khan was doing a good job as mayor’. This made one reporter ask ‘what Trump would have to say in order for her to criticise him’. She did say that Trump was wrong ‘to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement’. But nothing on London’s Mayor.


Another one of her downfalls was the ‘dementia tax’. This disastrous policy made May a strong topic of hate for several days. So much so that she did a complete U-turn on the policy. Although this shows she listens to the public, it can also be seen as a sign of weakness, but it also shows her judgment on some policies are way off the mark and needed changing in order to regain her some popularity.

o-THERESA-MAY-facebook (1).jpg

And then in the past few weeks there were the questions of police cuts. Something which was brought up due to the sad world we live in today. But understandably people have been on edge and wanted answers about their security. May has cut around 20,000 police officers as Home Secretary. She dodged any fingers pointed at her, she dodged any accusations and any criticisms that came her way. She used this as a platform to attack Corbyn. Which made no assurances to peoples concerns.

Theresa May’s campaign slogan was ‘Strong and Stable’, something she never appeared to be. She thought she would have the country all to herself with this snap election, but her poor judgement made this a pipe dream. The Conservatives had a 20 point lead at the start of the election, this quickly vanished, due to her poor leadership. I’m sure the Conservatives will still win, but I am not sure about a Commons Majority, which would be a horrific failure for the Tories. Win or lose, this will be Theresa May’s last election as she is simply not fit to lead one.




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