The Late Late Show With James Corden – The Experience

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend The Late Late Show with James Corden in London. In fact we were very fortunate, whilst waiting, someone from the show told us that over 527,000 people had applied to be at the show.

The previous day I was doing research on twitter, finding out what times people had got to the show to get their wristbands (which guarantee entry). The latest time that you could collect a wristband was 1pm and some people were struggling to get them at 11:30am. Therefore I arrived at 10:30am and I received the wristband number 58, meaning I was the 58th person to get there. There was likely 500 up for grabs as the venue holds 700, but there were production guests and priority tickets. Those who came later were entered into a raffle to win a wristband and weren’t guaranteed entry, something we intended to miss by coming so early.


On our tickets it stated that we could go off and sight see or go for food and didn’t have to return until 3pm. However, once we got our wristbands we were sent to a room and were told we had to stay in there till we were heading to the studio at about 3:30pm. We were disappointed as this meant a boring 5 hour wait, when we had planned to go look round London and go for lunch. However, the team did explain that the day before was a security nightmare having 400 people queueing outside waiting on the street to get back in. Given the current circumstances in London we completely understood and agreed it was the right thing to do, but a little warning would’ve been appreciated.

After the 5 hour wait it was finally time to go to the studio. The people with blue wristbands went in first (I’m guessing they were production guests). Then people with yellow wristbands went in, they were CBS guests and people with Applause Store priority. And then the orange wristbands went in via number order, which was the best way of doing it as those who waited the longest got the better seats.

Andy Collins came out to warm the crowd up and to explain what would happen. He was entertaining and funny which was refreshing after the long wait. During this bit we filmed crowd reactions, such as clapping and cheering, so the show could use it for editing.

Kings of Leon kicked of the filming with a performance of their song ‘Reverend’ on their latest album ‘Walls’. This performance was very good and extremely smooth, it only needed that one take. I was impressed with how good the Kings of Leon sounded live. And thought Caleb’s 80’s porn star look, looked great.

Then James came out to a huge cheer from the crowd, who absolutely loved seeing their hometown boy. He made jokes about the General Election and Theresa May, which were very funny and went down very well with the crowd. Then crowd seemed genuinely happy and up for it.

Then we were treated to a VT segment called ‘Tom’s cruise’ by now you probably would’ve seen it. It’s pretty funny and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. But then we were told we’d be watching and reacting to a sketch that was filmed on yesterdays show, for our show. The sketch was Jennifer Hudson and James Corden having a rap battle. This is when the mood began to change, heads were turning and some seemed angry and confused. The show was advertised as Anthony Joshua, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Hudson and Russell Brand, and there was no indication as to who would be at the show and how would just be shown on TV. No emails or any information told us anything. The guys before we came in were even telling us how lucky we are due to todays great line up and so on. The girl in front of me seemed extremely upset, as if she had come to see Hudson. Although, we were treated to a great show, it was very disappointing.

Then the actual guests showed up. Anthony Joshua and Russell Brand, they both got a great pop from the crowd. Joshua came in with his heavyweight belts and seemed like the genuinely nice guy he always comes across as, shaking hands with people as he walked in with a big smile on his face. And Russell Brand was great too, he was hilarious and during breaks, he engaged with the crowd and carried on making people laugh. If the mood was downed after the absence of Jennifer Hudson and Tom Cruise, then these guys picked it up with their humour and good attitudes.

During a review of the Late Late Show in LA, someone said that Corden was moody and never engaged with the crowd. This wasn’t true at all for this show. Corden dealt with all the heckling with class. One woman shouted “I love you” to which he replied “I love you too, but I think we should see other people”. There were several occasions of this. He played up to the crowd throughout, whether it was talking to the crowd or dabbing. He was energetic and looked happy to be in London. It was nice to see and made the experience much more enjoyable. He came across really well and didn’t disappoint one bit.

Then there was just the promo work to do. James would say his stuff and we would have to clap at the end. Like most of the show we were told when we should clap and so forth. But that’s to be expected and it hardly took any takes at all and quite frankly the crowd was so up for it they didn’t need much instructions anyway.


This is what the show was like in a nutshell, I may have left some stuff out and to talk about it in too much detail would be boring. There is also no need to talk about what happens in the show as I don’t want to spoil too much for these who will be watching on TV.

I would recommend going as it is a fun experience you will only likely do once. However, I do feel like our time at the show was made worse by the long wait only to find out some of the advertised stars weren’t there in person. That is my only complain though. had Tom Cruise been there I’m sure I would have gone away much happier. Overall, I did enjoy the show, but wouldn’t rush to do it again.





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