My Top Ten Greatest Wrestlers Of All Time

Today marks the first day in the week of the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) in sport at All Kinds Of Stuff. Here we will look at the different GOATS in various different sports. Today we took a look at wrestling. To narrow this down was super difficult and of course everyone has their own views. As you can see from the list, some generations are missing with greats like Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior not on the list as I was not around to witness them.

Honourable mentions: Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, Eddie Guerrero, Edge.

10. John Cena – He’s the marmite of wrestling, some people may not like ‘Big match John’ but he’s a 16 time world champion for a reason. He’s been the driving force of the WWE for over a decade now and is perhaps the best babyface wrestling has ever seen. He may not be the best technical wrestler ever and his move set may get repetitive, although I believe he is one of the best sellers in the business. But he always puts it on the line and has been involved in some of the best matches over the past few years.


9. AJ Styles – I remember watching ‘The Phenomenal One’ on TNA when I was only young. I remember being captivated by his entrance ‘Get Ready To Fly’. I knew Styles stood out from the rest and I was blown away by his technical ability, even when I wasn’t even a teenager and hardly understood pro wrestling. I was dumfounded at the age of 10 as to why The WWE hadn’t signed AJ Styles. And now I’m an adult I can’t believe it took so damn long. We missed out on so many great feuds he could’ve been in. In my opinion AJ Styles is the most talented and intelligent wrestler there is today. He showed just how smart he is when he botched his own finisher after James Ellsworth stupidly tucked his chin in during the Style Clash (If you haven’t seen it find it on YouTube). His work before the WWE was outstanding and his match with Nakamura is out of this world and if he continues the way he has started in the WWE he will without a doubt be in the top three of this list one day.


8. CM Punk – CM Punk was simply amazing. He once held the WWE Championship for 434 days consecutively. His skills in the ring were incredible and his skills on the mic were just as good, his promos were some of the best, who could forget his famous pipe bomb. It’s a shame CM Punk left wrestling in his prime as we would definitely see more 5 star matches from him and a feud with AJ Styles would have been the stuff of dreams. He wasn’t called the best in the world for no reason.


7. The Rock – The Rock is perhaps the most popular wrestler of all time, if not a close second to Steve Austin. He has been great as both a heel and a babyface. But the thing that sets him apart from the rest is charisma. He’s perhaps the most charismatic superstar there has ever been and his promo’s during the early 2000’s were dynamite. This is probably why he has been so successful outside of wrestling and has gone on to be the one of the world’s best movie stars, most notably appearing as Sergeant Hobbs in the Fast and the Furious franchise.


6. Triple H – The Cerebral Assassin is for me the greatest heel ever and people hate him, but they admire how good he is in the ring. He has the perfect look for a pro wrestler, the long wet hair, the impeccable body and the look that makes you think he could beat the crap out of anybody. He has been a key member in some of the best factions wrestling has ever seen. He deserves to be a 13 time world champion. Triple H knows the pro wrestling business better than anyone and is now Executive Vice President of Talent. The Game is also prepared to lose in high profile matches to put the younger talent over. At the age of 47 he has plenty more to give but with his role being so important we are seeing less and less of him on TV, lets just hope he doesn’t retire anytime soon.



5. Ric Flair – WOOOOOOO! “I’m Ric Flair! The Stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun!”. He is one of the best talkers in history and has given us some of the best quotes over the years. Flair was one of the best entertainers the wrestling world has ever seen. Not only was he one of the best on the mic but he was also one of the best in the ring and he gave us some great quality matches with some great memories. I’ll never forget his retirement match against Michaels. There will never be another Ric Flair.


4. Kurt Angle – Angle was a superb athlete who won an olympic gold medal in wrestling in Atlanta 1996 with a ‘broken freakin’ neck’. He is one of the most naturally gifted wrestlers there has ever been and picked up the skills of pro wrestling effortlessly. Angle was one of the greatest heel champions you are ever likely to see. Angle delivered in every match and gimmick he was asked to perform, he even made drinking milk awesome. He was simply born to be a pro wrestler.


3. Undertaker – For me, The Undertaker had the best gimmick ever. Not even questionable. Everything from the attire to the entrance. The Undertaker also showed great athleticism in the ring, standing at 6′ 10″ he was extremely agile for a big man. He had a great move set with great believable finishers. He was dominant and scary and this led to the greatest Wrestlemania streak ever.  The Phenom was special and every time the gong hit you knew you were in for a treat.


2. Stone Cold Steve Austin – I don’t think there is anything that gets a louder pop in pro wrestling than when the glass shatters for The Rattlesnake’s entrance. Stone Cold was one of the best in the ring and he commanded respect with his bad ass attitude. He was the King of the attitude era. And he simply has the best finisher of all time. Had plans not changed to make him the ‘King of the Ring’ in 1996 instead of Triple H he may not have been on this list as he may have never rose to the level of super stardom that he did. But we’re sure glad he did as the foul mouthed, beer drinking brute is one hell of a wrestler who deserves to be a top three pick.


1. Shawn Michaels – He’s called the ‘Show Stopper’ for a reason. There was always a big match feeling around Michaels and he’s one of those wrestlers who you could always count on for a great match. There’s an expression that says some wrestlers could wrestle a broomstick and still put on a great match, if there’s one man that should apply to it’s the Heart Break Kid. HBK was phenomenal in the ring but he also had a larger than life personality and could make a great promo when he wanted to. Michaels was one wrestler who never slowed down as he got he older and he continued to put on great matches, most notably Wrestlemania 26 against The Undertaker. He may not have had the gimmick of Taker, the charisma of The Rock and the look of Triple H but for me Shawn Michaels was the best in ring worker the WWE has ever seen.





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