My Ten Greatest Superheroes Of All Time

After my post about ‘My 10 Greatest Super-villains Of All Time’ proved to be one of my most popular. I thought it was time to do my greatest superheroes. After a lot of thinking I have compiled a list of who I consider the greatest superheroes of all time to be. The good guys of the Marvel and DC universe. I enjoy doing these as it allows me to do things a lot less serious.

10. Superman – The character was created in 1933 and debuted in 1940 and he’s probably the first character you think of when you think of superheroes. He’s got all the makings of the perfect superhero, a good origins story, he’s a lone survivor, he’s got a great look and he has amazing abilities. But for me he’s only just made the list because he’s a bit boring, that might be because he’s been around so long we’ve seen so much of him or perhaps it’s because any recent material with him in hasn’t been that great. But I just don’t have a lot of love for him right now.



9. Daredevil – A complex hero who’s strengths are also his weaknesses. He was blinded as a child and now relies on his heightened senses to do good in Hells Kitchen. The comics were amazing, the TV show is great it’s just a shame about the film.


8. Hulk – The Hulk is a beast with unlimited strength who could beat anyone. Not even Superman wants to p**s him off. But he only gets this far on the list as that is all he has. And Bruce Banner is quite a boring character. He’s rarely evolved, it seems as though every story revolves around his constant struggle with his temper.


7. Captain America – An admirable hero who was created in a lab in the military, the experiment took Steve Rogers and turned him into Captain America. He is extremely likeable as he’s just your average modest guy capable of superhuman abilities. The first avenger is selfless freedom fighter who hasn’t aged a day. He’s what a superhero should be.


6. Deadpool – The thing that sets Deadpool apart from the rest if that he’s a hero who doesn’t act like one, with his dark humour and his often poor morals. He is different from all the PG13 superheroes. The Deadpool film was hilarious, violent, gory and brilliant. But Deadpool also has a great origin story as a man who lost his family, got cancer and lost lovers. He’s fantastic in combat and he’s great regeneration skills. Lets not talk about his appearance in the Wolverine movie though.


5. Thor – Thor is a Norse Demi-God legend. He has brutal strength and a hammer that gives him control over space and time, and its a pretty handy weapon too. His comics are right up there with the best and that puts him high up on this list.


4. Iron Man – A genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Iron Man is so different to anyone else on this list because both Tony Stark and Iron Man could easily make this list as different individuals. He has more of a personality than any of the characters on this list put together. He may have no powers but he is much more than just his suit. He has the best suit of any superhero, and his armour and gadgets are on another level.


3. Wolverine – Wolverine ranks highly on this list, probably higher than on most peoples lists. But it’s largely due to Hugh Jackman’s amazing portrayal of the character in 7 different movies, he has truly made the role his own and no one has a greater claim of ownership of a comic book character. He’s by far the most popular of all the X-Men and his comic book sales have confirmed this. He’s an interesting and violent character who has huge metal claws with healing powers that make him invincible.


2. Spiderman – When I was a kid I loved Spiderman and he was easily my favourite superhero. As an adult I still like him, I think it’s because he’s the most relatable of all the heroes. He’s not a billionaire, he’s not as big as the hulk and he wasn’t born from another planet. He’s just a scrawny high school geek who got bit by a spider, but he is by far one of the most popular heroes with some of the best comics. Hopefully, Spiderman Homecoming will be just as good.


1. Batman – This is unquestionable. Like Superman, Batman has been around for years, but he’s never grown stale. The latest Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan was the best set of superhero films I’ve ever seen. Batman is the best example that one does not need special powers to be a hero. He is a mere mortal with awesome brains and an extraordinary heart. He is a multi-millionaire who has a company that creates gadgets that he uses for fighting crime and neglecting the need of any super powers. Some credit has to go to the fact that Batman has the best Villains out of any superhero, especially the Joker. But the protector of Gotham deserves his number one spot regardless.






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