Get Out (2017) – Movie Review

*Does not contain spoilers*

I have seen many crap horror films in my time but this was not one of them. The film is a total success. The film is reported to have made over $200 million at the box office, with a budget of less than $5 million, a truly remarkable directorial debut for Jordan Peele. It’s great, it really really is. In fact I came away quite shocked as I can’t remember being that surprised by a horror film and how much I actually liked it.

The film is centred around African-American photographer Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) who goes to his girlfriend Rose Armitage’s (Allison Williams) parents fancy house in the middle of nowhere to meet them for the first time. From the start Chris is very worried about her parents reaction to their interracial relationship and his nerves are never truly settled throughout the film as the Armitage family’s odd behaviour is extremely disturbing. The father Dean (Bradley Whitford) says “I would’ve voted for Obama for a third time if I could” in an attempt to show the family is not racist. Even Rose, acts strange when a policeman asks to see Chris’ ID, he doesn’t care but she make a big deal out of it for no reason. These actions are reciprocated by the family’s friends who try extremely hard to show how they are not racist by fantasising and worshipping black people. These actions lead to a series of creepy events and a discovery you will never forget.


This plot is amazing because it is unique and inventive, and it tackles real life issues in today’s society. The issue being racism. I think Peele dealt with the issue tremendously well and tackled the sensitive issue’s from an African-American perspective. Peele mentioned in an interview that during the time of filming there were a few high profile shootings of black people, which made him change the ending of the film as it made him “more woke” of the racism currently going on and he felt his ending of the movie shouldn’t reflect that.

I was not at all scared during this film, although some people who are easily scared may find this film scary. For me the only scary part of this movie was the reality of the story. It was refreshing to not have pointless jump scare scenes in the movie that would have taken away from the great acting and story that the film had. Instead I feel as though the film went down as more of a suspense/thriller genre. Excluding the very first scene, I don’t recall any moments intended to make you jump, but I was delighted by this as it made for a much better and more meaningful movie that wasn’t cliche and predictable.

The acting was fantastic. My only previous experience of Daniel Kaluuya was watching Johnny English Reborn, which is a slapstick comedy. Completely different to his role in this film and that shows what a versatile actor he is. In Get Out he plays the protagonist so well, he sells the sheer horror his character is going through brilliantly and during one scene where he is being sent to the ‘sunken place’ his emotions on his face sold the pain he was going through and made you feel his pain. Allison Williams who plays Rose was also fantastic as the female lead. Her character is very complex yet she managed to show off the different emotions of the character effortlessly, my personal favourite scene where she shows these skills is during her phone call with Rod where her face shows no emotion but her voice and language speak a different story. I was also blown away by the performances of the rest of the cast who played their roles fantastically. Especially all the minor characters during the garden party, they made the awkward nature of each scene feel so natural and real. But a special mention has to go to Betty Gabriel who plays Georgina the housekeeper. During one scene she begins to cry in front of Chris whilst smiling and telling him that she is okay, the quality of acting during this scene really blew me away. Throughout the movie she plays her character’s mystery so well and constantly has you asking questions.

The film is great and by now I’d imagine most people have seen it. But if you haven’t and you’re a fan of mystery, suspense, thrillers and horrors, I recommend that you go see this movie and I’m sure you will love it as it truly is a breathtaking piece of work that shows you the horror of racism.





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