5 Former Employees The WWE Should Re-sign

With the current Universal Champion being a part timer, John Cena currently away doing movies, Braun Strowman out through injury, the Undertaker has retired and Goldberg’s future is unclear, the WWE roster is looking thin. The recent return of the Hardy Boyz has shown there is nothing like nostalgia for WWE fans. With that being the case here is 5 formers employees I think the WWE should look to re-sign.


5. RVD – The only issue here is that Rob Van Dam is now 46. However, he is still in great shape and extremely agile for his age, still able to do the moves he became famous for. He is extremely experienced and knows the WWE well. He would be able to come in for one of the brands and compete for a belt. He would be a great addition to either brand and help the younger talent grow. One final run would be welcomed by the WWE fans.


4. Cody Rhodes – This one is a long shot which is why it only ranks at number 4 on the list. Mainly because I don’t think Cody Rhodes would want to come back to the WWE. He was criminally under-utilised in his last run in the WWE and was given the worst gimmick I have possibly ever seen as ‘Stardust’. Since leaving the WWE he has shown how talented he is working the indie scene. He is currently working with TNA but after his contract expires, the WWE should look into re-signing Cody and having him wrestle as Cody Rhodes and not Stardust. He would be an instant contender for the United States Championship or the Intercontinental Championship or even a run at the WWE championship as he is main event worthy with the right gimmick.


3. John Morrison – Another extremely talented wrestler who was under-utilised in his last run with the company. He is a fantastic athlete, who can mix both parkour and wrestling. Who could forget the Royal Rumble where he was knocked from the apron but managed to cling onto the barricade and then jump back into the ring. Since leaving the WWE his in ring work has improved, but it’s his work on the microphone that has drastically improved. He’s better than ever and now would be the right time for the WWE to try and bring him back.


2. Bobby Lashley – Another one that is unlikely due to the fact that his current promotion TNA allows him to wrestle and also compete in MMA for Bellator, something the WWE is unlikely to grant. However, he turns 41 soon and his MMA career will surely be over soon even though his recent run has been very impressive. This would pave the way to his return to the WWE where he could have a dream feud with Brock Lesnar, two beasts who are both legitimately terrifying and can kick ass in both MMA and wrestling. His in ring work and promos have massively improved since he left the WWE in 2008. He is now ready for the big time again and ready for ‘The Beast Incarnate’.


1. Rey Mysterio – Rey Mysterio has hinted at coming back to the WWE in the past and has claimed he left the company on good terms, contrary to popular belief. Rey could come back and be one of the top guys again, there will always be a market for the underdog who can overcome the odds. However, another option for Rey would be to have him in the cruiserweight division. He is obviously a smaller wrestler and a very talented and popular one and his addition would spice up a very stale division. We are currently seeing a good feud between Neville and Austin Aries but after that it remains to be seen how many different directions the cruiserweight division can go. Adding Rey would boost the excitement of the division and get more people to watch. Rey would still be as popular now as he was back in the day and the new audience would love him as he is just so good and a face everyone can get behind.





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