My Hopes For Season Two Of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why


If you haven’t heard already 13 reasons why has been renewed for a second season. The show will continue where it left of at the end of season one. And if you’ve watched season one you’ll have plenty of questions that need answering in season two. 13 reasons why proved to be controversial yet very successful. I believe the first series was good at addressing the need to be kind to others, but with a recent report saying that viewers as young as 8, they failed to present other messages which needs addressing in the second series.

My first hope is that Bryce Walker gets what he deserves. And I think he will. I hope after the truth is revealed to both Jessica and Hannah’s parents that Bryce will be arrested and convicted for raping the two girls. As we have seen in real life events, a white male rapist doesn’t always have the comeuppance he deserves. Given this I would love to see Bryce punished for his despicable actions and have his reputation tarnished.


Similarly, I would like to see Sheri see some form of punishment, less so than Bryce. Due to her honesty and coming clean about her involvement in the death of Jeff Atkins she may get off lightly, however it would set a bad example to let her off the hook completely. At the end of the day her poor decisions and negligence ended the life of our favourite character.

My third hope is that Jessica makes a recovery. When I say recovery I know the scars will never truly heal but I hope she doesn’t suffer the same fate as Hannah. I hope we see her get the necessary help she needs and that she feels she can talk about her mental health. Unfortunately, we never saw this with Hannah, as it was based on the book by Jay Asher. But given the fact the producers and directors will now have creative control over the series I would like them to make Jessica the female lead following Hannah’s death. She has already made the first step to seeking help by talking to her father. In Hannah’s case no one knew how she was truly feeling because she never spoke to anyone until Mr Porter and therefore those closest to her were unable to prevent her from committing suicide. The whole idea of depression is never really touched upon during the show, from memory I don’t remember them even using the word, as if they didn’t want to label Hannah with it. Dancing around the issue like this only sets a bad example to young viewers who are struggling with mental health issues. I hope they rectify this by showing Jessica open up and talking about her mental state in order to get help.


Although it would add to the drama of the series and would create a good storyline, for the sake of the young viewers I hope we will see Tyler come to his senses and report the bullying rather than shooting up the school. Although, they could explore the issues that is gun violence in America, I believe it would be more appropriate to explore how teenagers should handle bullying. Therefore, I hope we see the writers go down this route and we see Tyler overcome his demons and the bullies that haunt him.


It’ll be interesting to see what the writers do with Justin Foley. The basketball star has grown up in an abusive home where he receives no love and support from his mother. The only physical interaction he seems to get in his home is a hand round the throat from his step father. The last we saw of Justin was him walking off after turning his back on Bryce, looking worse for wear. I hope we see Justin return as he is an interesting character who seems to tackle another issue in the series which is child abuse. It will be interesting to see the way in which he deals with everything that has transpired in his own life and Jessica’s.

justin foley

And finally I hope the issue of Alex is addressed. We saw Alex going through similar stages of depression that Hannah did. Seeming lost in a crowd full of people. We see constant changes in Alex’s character throughout the first season, we see his aggression as he fights with Montgomery, we see his suicidal side as he jumps and contemplates drowning in Bryce’s pool but we never see him happy after Hannah’s death. He seems to be the only person on the tapes who took responsibility for Hannah’s death throughout the season. He was honest and brutal about his actions, and the weight of this clearly lets his guilt got the better of him. I feel like we haven’t seen the last of Alex as the writers didn’t kill him off at the end of season one and have left us on a cliffhanger so they can explore their options with Alex. I would like to see Alex back and I think we will. But was it Alex that shot himself?


And we all know Hannah’s story is far from finished and we will see plenty more of her in flashbacks as well the story revolving around her death and her parents listening to her tapes. I loved the first season of 13 reasons why and I binged watched it shamefully in less than two days. I can’t wait to see how they progress the story in 2018.




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