My 10 Greatest Super-villains Of All Time

After a lot of thinking I have compiled a list of who I consider the greatest super-villains of all time to be. The baddest men in the Marvel and DC universe.

10. Kingpin – Wilson Fisk doesn’t have any super powers but he may be the most powerful on this list. He’s often got the better of Spider-man and Daredevil with his cunning plans and powerful fists.


9. Bane – Strong, smart and brutal Bane’s on this list after completely destroying Batman physically and mentally. He even broke the Batman’s back on his knee. Truthfully he doesn’t deserve to be on this list, but I couldn’t help but put him on here after Tom Hardy’s performance and how popular Bane became after The Dark Knight Rises.


8. Green Goblin – The Green Goblin is a scary super-villain with a creepy mask and incredible technology. However, he makes this list due to the most shocking comic/movie death in all of the marvel stories. That is the moment when he killed Gwen Stacey.


7. Loki – He may not be as physically imposing as his brother Thor. He is a master of manipulation, sorcery and illusions. He’s on this list due to Tom Hiddleston’s performances in Thor in 2011 and The Avengers in 2012 where he became everyones favourite super-villain.


6. Doctor Doom – `The Fantastic Four is sadly nothing without him. Like Loki he is an expert sorcerer and an enemy of the Avengers. But his sleek look and unmissable presence and in the films and comics is enough to put him ahead of Loki.


5. Ultron – The antagonist of the The Avengers Age Of Ultron. Ultron is the accidental creation of Hank Pym. He is perhaps the most clever super-villain on this list able to hide within computers and other technology. Ultron has no regard for humans and his become one of the biggest threats to the Avengers.


4. Darkseid – He is a powerful monster capable of horrible things. He is the main enemy of the Justice League and will hopefully make an appearance in the upcoming Justice League film.


3. Venom – One of my favourite bad guys. Eddie Brock as venom resembles an evil black spider-man who dribbles venom, is jacked up and has teeth like a great white shark. His black costume represents the pure darkness of the character who wears it. The costume controls everyone who wears it and turns them into evil beings.


2. Magneto – Raised in Auschwitz he saw the worst of humanity at an early age. His sole purpose is to protect mutants from human beings, however he believes they can not co-exist and this is where he is evil. He is the master of magnetism and mind control but he has done some incredibly evil things like pulling out the Wolverines metal skeleton, which has put so far up on this list.


1. The Joker – Who else? He’s everyones favourite murderer. He stands out from all the rest from this list as he’s an insane clown who has no exterior motives, only to torment Batman. He lives to cause mayhem, kill people and f**k with minds and hospitals. His unpredictability and insanity makes him the Batman’s biggest nemesis. Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker is the best acting performance I’ve ever seen and really brings the Joker’s sick personality to life.


Leave a comment if you feel like I’ve left anyone off the list and who they should replace.




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