Why YouTubers deserve what they get paid

This feels like an appropriate time to write this as YouTubers earnings are currently at an all time low due to ad revenue decreasing.

There is often a lot of controversy that surrounds how much money YouTubers make. People often comment on how much PewDiePie, Zoella and others make in a negative way as if they don’t deserve it. One thread I have come across has said this as it’s opener “I’ve just been looking into how much these Youtube people really make, and I am stunned! They get paid so much, for sitting on their a**es literally. SOME EVEN MAKE MILLIONS. Just for making videos about how to put on makeup, or celebrity news. I mean seriously? Anyone can do that. people like zoella and jacksgap, yeah they seem like nice people but they do not deserve to be making that ammount of money.. it’s a joke tbh. They make more than my parents that have been working their whole lives”.


Although I may be jealous of how much these YouTubers make, I am in no way hateful towards it. Why? because they deserve it. The feeling towards YouTubers is that they don’t deserve their earnings because ‘anyone can do it’ and if that’s the case, why doesn’t everyone do it? If it’s so easy surely everyone would be millionaire YouTubers. But the truth is it is not easy. It takes hours to make one simple video that may last only 5 minutes. They have to create ideas and execute them, and like anything this takes time, but these YouTubers have pressure on them to create good content daily or weekly. The truth is it is a full time job.

The thing is these YouTubers make most of their money from brand deals. And again I believe they deserve this too. If you can get 10 million people to subscribe to your videos why wouldn’t brands be interested in advertising through you? At the time of writing this PewDiePie has 55 million subscribers on YouTube with 15,277,937,077 views. Those are astonishing statistics. Kevin Hart has 51 million Instagram followers and I’m sure no one frowns at how much he makes per Instagram post that is sponsored. So why should PewDiePie be frowned at when he does a similar thing to his 55 million subscribers.

The truth is YouTube is part of the modernised entertainment industry. Me and my girlfriend have watched thousands of YouTube videos between us because they are entertaining. And they make money from being entertaining the same way TV stations make money from adverts on shows that have 10 million viewers, and so do YouTubers that have videos with 10 million viewers.

The fact is people are jealous. And if they could make videos and earn millions they would, but the truth is they can’t. And that to me proves that not every average Joe can pick up a camera and be a star. So the argument that any one can do it and these guys are nobodies is ridiculous. It takes time and effort to get to where these people are. It didn’t happen for these YouTubers overnight and they deserve every penny.





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