5 Reasons why you need to see the ‘The Dark Tower’ when it comes out in cinema.

  1. THE STORY! The story is completely unique. I promise you won’t have seen anything like this. The film has been inspired by ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Good the Bad and the Ugly’ and is yet set partly in modern day Earth! The film mixes science fiction and western to create the ultimate fantasy.
  2. STEPHEN KING! It’s Stephen King. That’s all I should really have to say. This man has given us movies such as IT, Carrie, Stand By Me, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, and The Shining. The mans books are classics which create classic films. King took over 40 years to finish this story and needless to say it is one of his best pieces of work.
  3. THE ACTORS! The great Idris Elba is playing the lead role of the Gunslinger and for his nemesis the phenomenal Matthew McConaughey. Although we are yet to know the chemistry these two have on screen, given the talent they possess I’m sure we are in for a treat.
  4. $60 MILLION! That’s the budget for this movie. So it looks like someone else has as much faith in this movie as I do. With that kind of budget you can expect amazing cinematography. I’m sure the special effects will blow you away and you’ll be amazed at Stephen Kings creation being brought to life.
  5. IT’S THE NEXT BIG THING! We’re used to our favourite franchises by now, we’ve seen 8 Fast and Furious movies, we’re about to see a third re-make of Spiderman, and all your old favourites are getting a re-make. So why not try something fresh? Something you’ve never seen before! The Dark Tower is already scheduled to have two sequels and my prediction is that it’ll be big!

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